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Len Cabili Pays Tribute To The Women Of Philippine Folktale At TernoCon 2018

Filip+Inna, November 13, 2018

By Daniel Reyes | Mega Magazine

As a forefront ambassador of “slow fashion” in the Philippines, Len Cabili is already known for doing several collaborations with artisans and showcasing various indigenous embroidery and patterns. With the vast amount of resources that our motherland has, Len opted to feature a collection that virtuously lived up to her philosophy at the TernoCon 2018.

Putting the spotlight on women of Philippine folktale, her creations personified the greatness of the archipelago—from using intricate embroideries of the Tausug called luhol, to using glass beads and cup sequins of the Tagakaulo, Sarangani called takmon.

As she successfully elevated the traditional terno by incorporating various indigenous fabrics, Len proved that there is no need to go with the trend set by fast-fashion brands. After all, it is about time to put Philippine craft forward, and wear the national dress loud and proud.

Scroll down below to see Len Cabili’s full collection at the TernoCon 2018.

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