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Spring/Summer Lookbook

L: Mangyan Kimona and T'boli Skort R: Gaddang Multiwrap
Uknay Top & Kantsu Pants
Mangyan Uknay Top, T’boli Skort & Bagobo Hat
Rattan Tote Bag with Manobo/Bagobo tie-dye lining

An archipelago with a richness in culture

Named after the old name of the Philippines – we present a collection that covers the whole length of the archipelago showing a rich culture in embroidery, beadwork and weaving. It is all about a visual feast of patterns all uniquely Filipino.

L: Ikat top, Ikat Wrap Skirt & Embroidered Slides / R: Ikat Caftan & T’boli Belt
PiƱa Tunic, Tagkaolo Flarita Embroidery, Seloton Siti Shorts, Leather Slides
Tausug Shirt & Gaddang Multi Wrap, Men’s Shirt & T’boli Skort
Gaddang Coat & T’boli Siti Shorts

Inspired by patterns that come from the tip to the South of our beautiful islands

L: Sofiya Dress / R: Manobo/Bagobo Manila Shirt & Bubu Shorts
Tausug Tunic & Manobo/Bagobo Wrap Skirt
Tasya Tunic
L: Malaya Blazer & Seloton Biti Shorts / R: T’boli Biti Shorts & Suede Wrap Slides
Ylang Caftan, Manobo/Bagobo Hard Clutch & Rattan Belt
Riya Tunic, Gigi Shorts & Binudbud Scarf
Riya Tunic & Emilia Skirt
Tupi Dress in navy
Tupi Dress in yellow
Tupi Dress
Long Sleeve Vigan Shirt & Ikat Long Wrap Skirt
L: Sleeveless Tasya Tunic, T’boli Biti Shorts & T’nalak Sneakers / R: Tagakaolo Flarita Bolero & Bubu Shorts

T’boli Bomber Jacket & Mangyan Cigarette Pants
L: Riya Tunic / R: T’boli Pleated Top
L: Tasya Tunic & T’boli Leather Short R: Mayumi Caftan
Mayumi Caftan
Sarimanok Bomber & Purita Skirt
L: Katya Dress & Suede Slides / R: Barong Collared Shirt, T’Boli Biti Shorts, T’nalak Shorts
T’boli Hard Clutch, Binudbud Skirt, Tangkulo Scarf, and Kandiya Top
Rugby Dress
Mumu Dress
L: Manobo/Bagobo Maya Top, Mangyan Long Pants / R: Women’s Shirt, T’boli Leather Biti Shorts
L: Lorean Tunic / R: Tangkulo Scarf & Leticia Dress
Victoria Shirt
Victoria Shirt Dress & Rattan Bag with Tassel
Jasmin Dress & Maranao Hard Clutch
Kandiya Top, Manobo/Bagobo Culottes, Rattan Bag

Inspired by tradition,
intertwined with the contemporary.