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A profound love for the culture of the Philippines

It is Lenora Cabili’s profound love for the culture of the Philippine islands coupled with her deep interest in fashion that led to her founding Filip + Inna. She is tireless in seeking out the practitioners of the Philippine archipelago’s cultural knowledge, its weavers, embroiderers, and beadworkers.

Growing up in Iligan City, Mindanao, Lenora became enamored of the vibrant traditional garments of the Maranao, Yakan, and Higaunon. Early on, she was aware of the wonderful diversity of Filipino culture. Then she joined the Bayanihan Dance Company. Through dance, she was introduced to the traditional garments of the rest of the country.

Lenora honed her design skills with a degree in BS Clothing Technology from the University of the Philippines, and her business acumen with a Masters in Entrepreneurship from the Asian Institute of Management.

As Creative Director, Lenora steers Filip + Inna as they work with groups of Filipino artisans around the Philippines. Most are engaged in embroidery, weaving, and brasswork. All contribute to making Filip + Inna what it is.

Why the name Filip+Inna?

When I created the brand, I knew that I did not want an eponymous line. What I did want was a brand name that pointed back to the Philippines. I started with who I am - a Filipina.

Filip + Inna is about the artisans and craftsmanship in the Philippines.
This is my way of celebrating and honouring our culture.

Our Founder
Our Founder
Our Founder